Closing Hours

Happy Easter to all! We hope you have a wonderful holiday. Lincoln Medical Center will be closed from Friday to Monday (19th – 22nd) and on Thursday 25th April for Anzac Day.  

Guidance for Recent Christchurch Attack

A lot of us are feeling are feeling on edge and upset right now – this is a completely normal reaction. Disasters and big shocks take a toll on all of us and coping is not always easy. During scary or surprising events, our brains react by releasing adrenaline....

Important Information about Measles

Measles is the most infectious and easily transmissible of all human viruses. Individuals are contagious up to four days prior to the development of symptoms, enhancing the spread of the virus even further. There is a measles outbreak in Canterbury with the first case...

Update on fees

Lincoln Medical has not opted into the discounted fees scheme for Community Services Card holders. We do offer free consultations for enrolled patients under 14 years and reduced ACC surcharges for Community Services Card holders.

Be a Hero and Save Your Skin

Summer is coming meaning lots more time spent out in the sun! We want to remind you to cover up and apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Apply sunscreen every 3 hours. Apply everywhere: lips, ears, and behind the neck included. Wear a...